MONOI - Simple powerful GUI framework


MONOI aims to simplify the development of rich client layer in business applications (rich ergonomics & high productivity).

The initial target is to bring GUI components through a Java API based on SWT/JFace, essentially in an Eclipse RCP context.

This API should leverage developer productivity while building Eclipse RCP applications. Its philosophy differs from existing solutions and it should bring powerful functionality with minimal effort.

Motivations : rich ergonomics, ease of development and maintenance, high productivity

Main principles

  • What You Code Is What you Mean
  • Direct layout management
  • Integrated Data Binding
  • Current useful functionality is provided by default (for instance, a table is sortable unless you say it should not be)
  • The same screen part can be used in different modes (read, create or edit) and every component can adapt to the current mode

The essential of MONOI in 2 minutes
Modes, rights and behaviors

State of project

Main components are functional : MLabel, MField, MCombo, MCheckField, MTable, MContainer, MSection, MTab, MButton, MMenu, MWindow...
Others are still being developed.

In future releases, MONOI should extend its principles to other technologies, providing components based on other GUI libraries and APIs on other languages or description formats such as XML.



You can get the JAR of MONOI here. Note that it does not include the dependencies so you will need to add them as well to your classpath. Please note that another packaging, easier to use, should be provided in the future.

The code is packaged as an Eclipse plugin project, available via Subversion repository.

It requires Java 5 and Eclipse 3.3.

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