A MCheckField is an input field displaying a label and a checkbox. Of course data that is linked to a MCheckField should be a boolean.

A simple example

1    // checkfield with text properties
2    MCheckField c = new MCheckField(container, "Yes or no :" ,"flag", "style=BOLD;type=Tahoma ;height=9 ");
4    //basic checkfield
5    MCheckField c2 = new MCheckField(container, "birthday :", "birthDate");


  • Constructors
MCheckField(MonoiContainer container,String label, String dataPath) Constructs a new instance of this class given its parent, container, label's text and data's path
MCheckField(MonoiContainer container, String label, String dataPath,String labelInfo) Constructs a new instance of this class given its parent container, label's text ,data's path and font's information
  • Methods
Object getValue() Gets the data of MCheckField
void setValue(Object value) Sets the data of MCheckField
void setSpace(int w) Sets the space between the label and the button in MCheckField
  • See also superclasses
    • MButton
    • MonoiComponent and MonoiDataComponent

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