MWindow is a window container. It can represent the main window of an application or a pop up window open from a parent window.

A simple example

  • An example
 1    //The main window
 2    MWindow window = new MWindow();
 3    window.setShellText("MWindowText");
 4    window.setForm();
 5    window.setFormText("MWindowText");
 7    //Adds a button to open another window
 8    MButton b = new MButton(window, "create", this, "openDialog");
10    //Shows the main window    
13    public void openDialog() {
14        //Another window
15        MWindow window = new MWindow();
16        new MLabel(window, "this is new!!");
18    }


  • Constructors
MWindow() Constructs a new instance of this class by default
MWindow(boolean NoModal) Constructs a new instance of this class without Modal
  • Methods
void setForm() Sets a form into a MWindow
void setFormText(String string) Sets a form's tex
void setMode(int mode) Sets a column mode or a row mode
void setShellText(String string) Sets a shell's text
void setSize(int width, int height) Sets a Mwindow's size
void show() Shows tha main window
  • See also superclasses
    • MContainer
    • MonoiContainer, MonoiComponent and MonoiDataComponent

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