DemoServeurDeNews is a news server application. It shows most of the struts-layout widgets:

  • The main page shows two lists. The first one is server-sortable and has a pager. The second is sortable on the browser.
  • The treeview page shows a treeview. The tree is dynamically generated from the news list.
  • The search page has the date pick up calendar and a popup.
  • The discover page uses the swap component to select items in a list.
  • The add page is a simple form.
  • The add (tabbed panels) page displays the previous form with three panels.
  • The update titles page allows you to modify multiple elements in a list.
  • The subjects administration page allows you to add, modify and delete multiple elements in a list using the datagrid component.

Click here to run the demo (login: 'dig' / password: 'dig')

Click here to download the demo source code


The code of the Struts Example has been modified with Struts-Layout tags to show the benefits of using Struts-Layout.
There are no more html tags in the struts-layout version, which demonstrates its simplicity.

Original struts-layout Result in a browser (static code)
logon.jsp logon.jsp logon.jsp
registration.jsp registration.jsp registration.jsp
subscription.jsp subscription.jsp subscription.jsp
- selectDependent.jsp selectDependent.jsp